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May 01, 2019

Meet Darrel & Chanda from the Newburgh/Evansville office.  Chanda came on as an exceptional caregiver in 2015, after hearing about Adaptive being the new company on the block and wanted a change.  Darrel joined us shortly after, in 2016, when his apartment manager referred him for our services which led us to securing a PA.   They have since been a perfect match!

Darrel reports that Chanda makes daily life easy & she always looks out for his best interest.  She comes in and make sure he’s taken care of & gets his exercise.  She’s also a great cook and will spend a day cooking so that he has home-cooked meals for the week.  His favorite is her salmon patties, so she made him 40 to last the entire week.  Chanda reports that she loves helping Darrel, and on her own time, went to check on him when we had to put his services on hold.  Even being in school full-time, she makes time to work with Darrel every week.   He says, “Anyone that can put up with me for 3 years is a special kind of person!”