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April 16, 2019

This is our client, Barb—Wednesday was the anniversary of her husband’s death and tomorrow is their wedding anniversary. Barb has been feeling down the past couple weeks with the holidays coming up and missing her husband. Barb mentioned to her caregiver, Chelsea how it is her wish to see a ladder truck in person as that is what her husband did for a living and she had never had the chance to see one. Today Chelsea made Barb’s Christmas wish come true!

A couple firemen from the Columbus Fire Department stopped by Barb’s apartment and showed her the ins and outs of a ladder truck. The firemen spent about an hour talking with Barb about the truck and which department her husband worked for.

Barb was in tears! She was so thankful for this opportunity and so appreciative that Chelsea took it upon herself to set this up.

Taylor was able to join in on the surprise and take some pictures of this experience.

Because of Adaptive Barb’s holiday season will be a little brighter