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Employee Spotlight – Tisha Langford

November 21, 2017

Congratulations to October’s Rockstar Award Winner – New Albany Program Manager, Tisha Langford!

Tisha has been a HUGE asset to the New Albany office because of her exceptional customer service, her team work and her drive to step up to the plate to be a leader. Tisha, on several occasions, has stepped up and covered the New Albany office as the only Program Manager for weeks at a time. She never hesitates to grab on to a new task. Tisha loves getting out in the community to represent Adaptive and visit with her clients. She has a contagious attitude and drive that inspires the team! She is always positive and ready for the next challenge. Tisha truly embodies our Adaptive culture with her enthusiasm to see our team succeed while always keeping our relationships with everyone we serve a priority. We are all lucky and a better team and company for having Tisha with us!

When Tisha was originally on the job hunt, she came across Adaptive and was extremely interested in the position. After speaking with Matt, Nikki and the rest of the New Albany office, she realized this was the place for her. Tisha said, “I really like the family atmosphere that Adaptive provides. Everyone works together well, is always wiling to help and looks out for the best interest of our clients and caregivers.” Tisha has been in the healthcare field for a little under a year now. She truly enjoys having the privilege to help people in need. Tisha said, “I love seeing the help with provide to our clients and how it makes a difference in their lives. Knowing I, and Adaptive, makes an impact on multiple peoples’ lives day in and day out reminds me exactly why I do what I do every day.”

The game of basketball runs in the Langford family. If Tisha is not a work, you can find her at a local basketball game or watching a game at home. She also loves the city of Las Vegas and travels there as often as she can. If you know Tisha, you know she is obsessed with Beyoncé! When asked what super power she would have, she said she would want to be Beyoncé. “You don’t need a super power when you can Beyoncé” exclaimed Tisha. According to her, it would be impossible to give up Beyoncé videos or helping people.

Tisha wants to be remembered as someone who possesses excellent qualities that people can thrive off. So far we think she is doing a great job!