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Adaptive Impact – Wanda and Theresa

December 26, 2017

A few weeks go, we had our Operations Managers pick a client and caregiver who were truly impacted by the services Adaptive provides. Ben, our Greenwood Operations Manager, chose Wanda and her caregiver Theresa. Wanda has received services from the Greenwood office since May of 2016. She was searching for a new company and found us through the local area agency’s Pick List of providers. She thought Adaptive would be the perfect fit for her and a few weeks after her service started, she was matched up with her caregiver Teresa.

Wanda says, “Teresa is very in tune with what I need. I’m thankful the office matched her with me to be my caregiver. Teresa is an excellent cook. She goes above and beyond, like helping me plant flowers and a garden in my back yard.”
Recently, Wanda came in to the office with Teresa when Teresa was awarded the Caregiver of the Quarter for her excellent service. Teresa HAS NOT MISSED A DAY OF WORK with Wanda in a year and a half. One time, she needed a Monday off, and said she would go on Saturday to make up the hours so that Wanda would not miss out on any of her help.

As a company, we are just as thankful to have Theresa as one of our caregivers. Theresa stopped by last week with a big box full of Christmas goodies that she baked just for the office staff. While in the office, the great relationship between the two was apparent as Wanda cracked jokes about Teresa. When Wanda was told that she looked like her caregiver Teresa, Wanda joked “Well that isn’t good!”

During a visit to Wanda’s home, it was apparent the impact that Teresa has had on Wanda’s life. Multiple residents of the building Wanda lives in, boasted about Teresa and claimed they wanted her to be their caregiver as well! Adaptive has recently received multiple referrals from this same building because of the difference Teresa has made in Wanda’s life. Wanda went on to say…”I don’t know where I would be without Teresa.” She said she would not be able to live on her own and keep her independence without Teresa and Adaptive.