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Adaptive Impact – Greg and Tammy

December 27, 2017

A few weeks ago, we had our Operations Managers pick a client and caregiver from their office who have truly been impacted by the services Adaptive provides. Brittany, Bloomington’s Operations Manager, chose our client Greg and his caregivers Tammy. According to Brittany, Greg and Tammy are two peas in a pod. From the first time they were paired together, they hit it off great. Tammy is always going above and beyond to help out when needed, which is why Tammy was chosen as Bloomington’s 2016 caregiver of the year.. She takes on whatever challenges comes her way and always defeats them with a smile. Tammy stated that she truly enjoys what she does and she is thankful that Adaptive allows her to change lives every day.

Tammy also stated that Adaptive is personal to her because she feels needed and appreciated so much that it has helped raise her self-esteem. Knowing that she is changing lives every day helps give her a purpose and a reason to go to work every single day. Doing good for others always makes her feel great, even if she’s having an off day. Tammy knows everyone in the office so well and has memorized all of our birthdays! She always brings her client, Greg Bell, to the office on our birthdays so they can bring us a cake and sing Happy Birthday! Tammy makes every she comes in contact with feel special.

Greg has been a client of Adaptive since February of 2016. He said when he came to Adaptive he felt very lost and alone, stating he was dealing with some serious issues when he was first admitted. He knew Adaptive was the perfect fit for him because he immediately felt welcome and safe. Greg said that he has gone his entire life not feeling as loved as he does by the girls in the office and all of his caregivers, especially Tammy. He went on to say that Tammy pushes him to be the best person that he can possibly be and he is thankful that she truly cares about his health. Tammy laughed and said, “the funny thing is he builds me up just as much, his contagious smile and laugh always brightens my day”. Greg went on to state that there has been points in his life that he has been so down he didn’t possibly see how he would get back up. When he was at his lowest Adaptive has always been there for him whether it was a simple pat on the back, words of encouragement or a listening ear. Greg said that Operations Manager, Brittany Hirtzel, has even brought him a diet Pepsi and flavor blasted gold fish to his house because he was “down in the dumps all day”.

When asked what stands out to him most at Adaptive his response was his nurse Stephanie. He stated that she is the best nurse he has ever had and always is going above and beyond for him. He said without her he isn’t too sure where he would be today. They both stated that they have known Stephanie and Brittany the most in the office and that their positive attitude and sense of humor is makes them very special and unique. They love that everyone is like one big family! Our Bloomington office can always count on Greg to swing by the office, at least once a week, to bring some laughs, grab a snack and chat about what’s going on.