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Michael Workman

April 16, 2019

Michael Workman has been a client of Adaptive’s for about a year. He started his care with Choice hours because he didn’t qualify for Medicaid. When Tiffani went out to meet Michael, she was curious as to why he had never received any help since he was totally dependent on another for care. About 30 years ago, he was in a sledding accident that left his left side paralyzed. Michael lives with his elderly father (92 years old) who has been trying his best to assist Michael with the help he needed, but it was getting very difficult for him.

When Adaptive first came into Michael’s home, his father was very skeptical about us. Over the last 30 years, the family was promised great things from providers wanting to help, but they never followed through with that promise. So, when we came in promising help, he didn’t believe us. Tiffani was able to meet with Michael and his father multiple times, took donuts, and eventually they allowed her to help Michael get Medicaid. After phone calls to Michael’s case manager and to the state, Tiffani was able to get his Medicaid up and running. Now Michael is able to have 7 day a week care instead of only 6 hours a week. Our nurse, Vera, was able to get Michael set up with a new hospital bed and trapeze bar. Michael now is able to have a HHA in the home to help him get up and down to bed, the bathroom, and hours to spend time with him during the day and to take the load off his father. Michael’s caregiver, George Weaver, was recently awarded Caregiver of the Year 2019. George has not only given the family piece of mind knowing there is someone coming to help but he has also made a connection with Michael that he will keep with him for the rest of his life. George goes above and beyond for Michael.

Although Michael’s life will never be as it once was, George has been able to give him some of that independence back- and not have to rely on his father. Both Michael and his father feel that George is part of the family. Tiffani went and presented the award to George at Michael’s house. Being able to physically see the difference we have made in his life is the reason we are here every day!